Popular Certifications and Job Training Programs

Expanding your skills quickly by completing a highly regarded certification or job training program is smart.

Whatever your field of interest or background, there is going to be a program for you.

Show potential employers that you have the initiative and commitment and you will have the advantage.

Our list of recommended certification programs and job training programs is a great place to add new skills that will get your hired.

  1. Electrician
  2. Plumber
  3. Accounting
  4. Network Administrator and Security Management
  5. Object Oriented Programming and Design
  6. Java Certifications
  7. Paid CDL Truck Driving Training Programs
  8. HVAC Training Program
  9. Retail Manager Training Programs
  10. Physical Therapy Assistant
  11. Surgical Technologist
  12. Adobe Certification
  13. PHP Certification
  14. Microsoft Certifications
  15. AWS Certification
  16. Industrial Engineering Technician
  17. Dental Hygienist


IEC Electrician Apprenticeship program combines on-the-job training and a highly regarded education in the electrical field. There are 52 training centers nationwide that provide the skills and experience to 12,000 apprentices each year.

The demand for new and experienced electricians is booming and this is only partly due to a strong economy and construction related demand. Other factors include the emergence of new technologies in power generation, management and safety. There is also a large need to make up for the turnover as the older generations of electricians and other tradespeople have retired or moved onto other ventures. Electricians can enjoy full employment and opportunities for self employment for the next decade and beyond.


Plumbers are in very high demand, and Penn Foster Career School’s Plumber program with online classes is a fast and economical way to get the skills you need .

There is tremendous job security for anyone wanting the training to be a plumber. There is already a shortage in plumbers across the U.S. in the tens of thousands, and demand is expected to grow in double digits to make the demand even greater. There are job training and apprenticeship opportunities pretty much wherever you may live or want to live, and jobs are plentiful as well. As an apprentice or experienced employee, a plumber makes an excellent wage with benefits. Self-employed plumbers can easily make six figures.


Self-paced, online accounting training program with U.S. Career Institute can get you an Accounting Services Specialist certification in as little as four months. There will always be a consistent need for skills in accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, financial reporting, corporate and sales tax, payroll and more roles as an accountant. They have several more advanced accounting certification programs as well.

Job opportunities in finance and accounting are diverse and this field is unique in that it is very broad and there are opportunities in every industry imaginable. You can earn an accounting certification fairly quickly and inexpensively, then get your foot in the door with a company that provides ongoing educational opportunities. If you are looking for variety in job responsibilities and a career that is secure, then accounting and financials might be those most interesting and lucrative option for you.


This network security certification program with Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA stands out in how it prepares you specifically for industry certifications in network security including several valuable Cisco certifications. Complete the program and now you are qualified for high demand jobs including Network Security Analyst, Junior Network Security Engineer, Network Vulnerability Management, and Network Security Architect.

Information Security Analyst positions are in very high demand and should remain that way long term. The field is maturing and expanding, with new roles and specialties emerging which bring new opportunities, higher pay, and constant new challenges to keep you interested and who doesn’t want all of that?


Students in this object oriented programming and design certification program at Mt. San Antonio College select one of two programming language concentrations: Java or C++. The coursework can be completed online from your location and the tuition costs are very reasonable. Your certification qualifies you for job opportunities in programming of systems, mobile devices, and device drivers, plus software engineering.

The toughest challenge here is choosing a path within this field, as there are so many different programming languages to consider as your specialty. Get the certification or two year degree, search for a position with a good company that invests in their technical staff with formal education and specialty certifications that will quickly build up your skill set. The beauty of career in computer programming and design is that you will always have options to branch out into new languages, applications, technologies or industries.


Learning Tree International offers online coursework that prepares you for one of 4 Java certifications that will open many doors to programming positions.

Showing project work developing in Java can be just as important as any formal education. There are many outstanding bootcamp training programs for Java and related development, so if you can show a successful project portfolio and have at least one mainstream certification under your belt, you will be able to find an entry level developer position that pays surprisingly well. Your opportunities will expand from there.


When you start the CDL Training Program, you become a full-time employee of Roehl Transport. There is an extreme demand for long haul truck drivers and with Roehl you get the training and licensing plus you are getting paid. They have locations in many states and you will be guaranteed a job with excellent pay.


Ashworth College offers this tremendous online HVAC training program that includes the preparation for and costs of the EPA Section 608 certification program. This even includes certification required to handle chemical refrigerants, and the entire program can be completed in four months if you are full time. Opportunities in this trade is booming and with this program you can be earning a good living very quickly and economically no matter where you live!


Earn your retail management associate degree completely online from Penn Foster College, an accredited program that is very reasonably priced. You will have the skills to advance in various retail management roles or you could use this degree to then apply for an accelerated management trainee program that pays handsomely and gives you valuable on-the-job experience and great connections for your career path.

There are many roles and job titles in retail or sales management. Do your research and see what industry is of particular interest to you and of course compare job outlooks between the industries and then find your niche. Entry level jobs are plentiful, but you want to find a company that will afford you ample room for advancement if you put in the effort.


Another job role with a high demand, become a physical therapy assistant through a two year program recommended by the American Physical Therapy Association. This includes 16 weeks of full time clinical experience and there are CAPTE accredited PTA programs available throughout the United States.

Job outlook and growth in opportunities are excellent for a physical therapy assistant. A two year associates degree is all you will need to find your way into a career path that can be highly rewarding, pays well and there are jobs available in any metropolitan area and most smaller cities.


There are training programs in nearly every state that will quickly prepare you to sit for the Certified Surgical Technologist exam. Visit the Allied Health Schools website to find out more.

Surgical Tech is a broad title but there are many roles in and out of the operating room to be performed. This is a fast paced, always changing job function that will continue to change and grow as medical surgical technologies and techniques evolve. You can go from no defined future to assisting in a surgery center with less than two years of training, and these skills are desperately needed in most any city throughout the U.S.


An Adobe Certification will improve your marketability greatly, and their certification website not only offers the various certification programs but also helps determine a career path that is right for you.

Adobe developers are in hot demand, and there are many directions you can go with one of the certifications. These are not entry level jobs, but if you have just a little experience in software development plus an Adobe certification then the opportunities will be plentiful.


PHP Developers are in high demand so take advantage and get the proper training to advance your career. As a Zend Certified Engineer you will be recognized with distinction. Get the details for this PHP certification program and how you can be qualified for the most lucrative PHP development opportunities.


Become Microsoft certified in one of many defined roles and at three different levels of expertise. These technical skills and the proof of certification will often lead to advancement in opportunities and higher pay to match.


Organizations need individuals with cloud skills to help transform their business. AWS Training and Certification validates your skills as an AWS Developer and these skills are in very high demand. Organizations cannot find enough people with the cloud skills they need to grow and manage their data. Explore both online and in-classroom training towards the AWS Certification.

An AWS Certification will qualify you for several roles in I.T. and without a traditional degree, so this path is one of the quickest if you wish to begin a career in Information Technology. That first job might be as a developer but could be in a systems or support function for which you can build upon.


Complete five courses with the IISE Training Center and earn the Industrial Engineering Technician Certificate that can launch or enhance your career in multiple engineering and management roles.

Job growth is maybe slower than most others described on this page, but it is a field where entry level jobs are plentiful and the education requirements are at most an associates degree and often less is required. Some mechanical engineering technology training and aptitude is enough to get started in another career that pays a very comfortable salary.


The American Dental Hygienists Association website is a tremendous resource and will connect you with training programs throughout the country. This includes many dental hygienist degrees and certificate programs that are accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

There are a lot of pros to a career in dental hygiene. We have been looking at high paying opportunities with a short or reasonable educational commitment, and in this case an associates degree qualifies you for a job that pays a salary considerably higher than average, jobs growth is in double digits and you can find employment literally anywhere you want to live in the U.S.

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